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The Bodia Group was created in 2014 when two Brisbane siblings experienced the hardship, disadvantage and inegalitarian life reserved to the impoverished in Cambodia. Since then, they have worked to generate awareness in Brisbane and tangible results in Cambodia. By focusing on tertiary education and sustainable development initiatives, The Bodia Group and its partner SCCDO, has been able to deliver localised and effective help for many struggling youth. 

Our partner organisation is lead by Em Piseth and Seng Hong and for over a decade they have housed, provided for and brought dozens of marginalised and orphaned youth into a better life.The Save The Children Community Development Organisation (SCCDO) has been extended a not-for-profit licence Ministry of Interior and Phnom Penh Municipality and abides by all provisions of this statute of Cambodian Law. Since being registered in June 08th 2007, Em Piseth and his staff have been tirelessly committed to raising the living standards and future prospects of the local youth. 

Branch offices in Cambodia (10 staff): 

  • Phum Thmorkol Sangkat Choam Choar, Khan Posen Chey, Phnom Penh.

  • Phum Chikhma Khom Chikhma, Traong District, Takov Province

Stronger together


Em Piseth

Seng Hong

Director and founder of the SCCDO Organisation.

Manager of SCCDO Organisation.

Naomi Sinclair

Director of The Bodia Group

Board of Directors SCCDO Organisation.

Yann Sinclair

Director of The Bodia Group

Board of Directors SCCDO Organisation.

The Bodia Group at the last general meeting, August 2017. 

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