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Higher Education

We view investment into higher education as a fundamental driver of poverty alleviation. Improving access to higher education has a significant impact on earning potential and job attainment, but more than this, it increases the capabilities that enable poor individuals to flourish.


Without a government support system in place like in many developed countries, the high costs of university tuition block all but a wealthy minority of Cambodians from attaining a higher education. 


Our Cambodia Bright Futures fund is a scholarship program that invests in bright high school students facing serious financial hardship. Students are funded to complete an undergraduate degree at a local institution. Almost all scholarship recipients come from poor farming families living in rural areas, and are the first in the family to study at the tertiary level.

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(2) John Humphreys (2016), Education in Cambodia: Rate of Return and Personal Equity Finance. PhD Thesis, UQ School of Economics. 

Bright Futures Education Fund

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