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Since the demise of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia has been steadily making progress in primary and high school education and has built 1000 new schools in the last ten years. The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport has set a goal of reaching universal access to primary education and in 2016, the country hit a a 9.7% net primary enrolment rate. ​


With the funding of two Norwegian backers, SCCDO has been able to send poor and orphaned youth to primary and high school. Without the care of this organisation, these children would have little hope of securing a necessary education. Our partner organisation SCCDO holds a community development licence with the Ministry of Interior. Together we are engaged in the fight against child exploitation and 'volunteer tourism' or similar exploits. The Bodia Group and SCCDO are both committed to the new goal set out by The Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation which is working towards a 30% reduction of young Cambodians in 'residential care'. ​


The Bodia Group is supporting these children where SCCDO cannot; with access to higher education and improved work opportunities. This year, our organisation is connecting with universities in Phnom Penh and businesses in Australia in order to fund and send the gifted to extend their studies. The Bodia Group believes that tertiary education is a key catalyst in securing a generation of Cambodians whom can engage in skilled work rather than jobs for subsistence living.

This is Hong Sokphea, she is 22 years old bright student who lost both her parents at a very young age. After being cared for her whole life by her brother and Em Piseth (the directors of SCCDO), Hong finished high school with no money and no hope to continue her studies. 

We met Hong in 2014 and have since funded her nursing degree which she is finalizing in 2018. Over the coming years, The Bodia Group is preparing to fund the tertiary studies of Hong's peers at SCCDO. Many have shown proficiency in high school  and hope to start careers in teaching, engineering and the tourism sector. 

This is Mean. He has lived at SCCDO for most of life after losing his father and his mother succumbing to serious illness. With his brother Venn and David, he has been provided with primary education, shelter and a communal family. In this photo, Mean is profiting from English tuition offered by occasional volunteers. English is the second most common language used in the commercialised industries in Cambodia and is therefore highly useful in attaining future skilled work. 

Mean's older brother, Venn, would like to become a tourist guide in the future, an admirable profession in Cambodia. Venn believes that with the help of regular volunteers for conversation practice and deeper learning, his English will give him a competitive edge

Comprehensive English Volunteering

A previous volunteer teaching a class on correct English pronunciation. 

The primary objective of 2018 is to create partnerships with university institutions in Phnom Penh and secure funding for future degrees. The Bodia Group's secondary goal is to engage the Brisbane and Australian community in our projects and promote the opportunity to volunteer and pass on important skills. 

In 2019, our organisation brought a group of Brisbane students to Phnom Penh to further reinforce eudcation skills with applicable English language classes. This English curriculum has been created by a Brisbane high school teacher with 7 years experience in English and history teaching in Queensland. It has enabled skilled volunteers to keep track of the level that their Cambodian counterparts are at and ensures successful learning over the long term. If volunteering is to be done, it must  provide tangible results such as improved English language capacities or other applicable skills for the work force. 

A community classroom, funded by The Bodia Group in 2015, that provides free education to the children in its care and also to the neighboring children whose parents cannot put them through school.

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