The Bodia Ball

In March 2017, The Bodia Group hosted a fundraising gala event that raised upwards of $17 000 in one evening. Without those who attended, this organisation could not have funded the farm construction and turned our humanitarian hopes into completed projects. 


In August 2019, the organisation hosted a second successful gala event The Bodia Ball 2.0. This time $25 000 was raised in one night to fund univeristy scholarships. 


Our mission is to make the greatest difference we can without relying on donations and coercive fundraising. That is why we committed to raising the funds necessary to fulfill our projects by putting on a great party with great value for money. It's simple, $30 dollars of every ticket goes toward our goals and the rest is spent on the party goers: food, entertainment and drinks all night for a great cause.  

The Bodia Ball will return once again in 2021. 

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