Close Up of Corn Field

Investing in Social Enterprise 


We see investment into social enterprise ventures as a powerful way of promoting local economic development. We identify promising projects and evaluate their potential to provide job opportunities, train and equip locals with new skills and earn profit in a meaningful way.

Agri-Business & Training Project

Takeo Province 


The Cambodian economy has enjoyed consistent economic growth since the turn of the century largely as a result of expansions in the  manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Increased returns from agriculture between 2004-2011 during the commodity price boom saw one million net jobs created in agriculture (1).  Many locals continue to farm as a form of self subsistence and commerical farming remains a viable and profitable avenue. 

Green Field

Farm Development Stages
(2016 - 2018)

In 2016, we partnered with a local NGO (SCCDO) to finance a small farming business in Takeo province. The purpose of this project was threefold: support the local economy of Takeo, employ and train unemployed locals in farming techniques and secure an independent source of income for SCCDO.

(1) World Bank Group, 2017, Cambodia, Report No. 115189-KH.